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Adult Education

Adult Education

Study groups, or one-on-one study

  "For it is our life and the length of our days" (evening prayers)

Have you ever wondered why we do Mitzvos? Or why is wearing Teffilin so important? Have you ever liked to experience learning a page of talmud? Or wondered what does the two thousand year old book mean to you?

Come join a Torah Class on a variety of subjects, or have a one-on-one session with the Rabbi or the Rebbetzin. Classes are open to all, men or woman of any age.


Weekly Classes & Programs at Chabad Tel-Twelve:

Topic Date Location & Info
Parsha Class Wednesdays Please contact us for details
Tanya Class for Women Wednesdays Please contact us for details
Visitaiton Service   Please contact us for details
Friday Night Dinners & Shabbat Lunch Friday/Shabbat Please contact us for details


weekly classes on the Jewish code of law
Do you ever find yourself confused about how to keep Shabbos? Have you ever been interested in knowing what are the steps to take to kosher your kitchen? All this and more will be covered in the Halacha classes at Chabad.
Study the inner part of Torah
At Chabad we have classes which explain the deepests parts of kabbalah based on the teachings of chassidus.
On any topic in Torah
Please contact the Rabbi about times and places, for the study session.
Learn about what it means to jon the Jewish club
A series of one hour courses which covers all the basic parts of Judaism.